Or its aborted death if the Socialists keep power

Saturday, July 18, 2009



Candidates to support

Presidential Race 2012: (Possible Candidates)

Governor Sarah Palin
Newt Gingrich
General David Petraeus
Governor Mark Sanford --No, not any more
Senator John Ensign
Governor Mitt Romney

Other Elections 2010/2012

Alabama: Secretary of State

2010: Governor: Roy Moore

Alaska: Division of Elections

2010: Governor: Sarah Palin

Arizona: Secretary of State

Arkansas: Secretary of State

California: Elections and Voter Information

Colorado: Secretary of State: Elections Center

Connecticut: Secretary of State

Delaware: Commissioner of Elections

Florida: Division of Elections

2010: US Senate:

Marco Rubio

2010: US Congress:

Eddie Adams Jr. 11th Congressional District
Allen West 22nd Congressional District

Georgia: Secretary of State

2010: Governor: John Oxendine

2010: US Congress:

Wayne Mosley 12th Congressional District

Hawaii: Aloha! Office of Elections

Idaho: Secretary of State

Illinois: State Board of Elections

Indiana: Secretary of State

Iowa: Secretary of State

Kansas: Secretary of State

Kentucky: State of Board Elections

Louisiana: Secretary of State

2011: Governor: Piyush Bobby Jindal

Maine: Bureau of Corporations, Elections & Commissions

2010: Democrat Governor John Elias Baldacci Will complete his second and final term in 2010. Republican Candidate needed.

Maryland: State Board of Elections

2010: State Senate:

Ron Miller: 27th district

Massachusetts: Secretary of the Commonwealth

Michigan: Bureau of Elections

Minnesota: Secretary of State

Mississippi: Secretary of Elections

Missouri: Minnesota Election Division

Montana: Secretary of State

Nebraska: Secretary of State

Nevada: Secretary of State

2010: US Senate: Mitt Romney? Against Harry Reid

New Hampshire: Department of State

2010: US Senate:
Wayne Doherty

New Jersey: Division of Elections

New Mexico: Secretary of State

New York: State Board of Elections
2010: US Senate:

Peter king May run for Hillary Clinton's Senate Seat. Currently US Congressman to district 3.

North Carolina: State Board of Elections

North Dakota: Secretary of State

Ohio: Voter Services SOS

Oklahoma: State Election Board

Oregon: Elections Division

Pennsylvania: Department of State

2010: US Senate:

Pat Toomey Against Democrat Arlen Specter

Rhode Island: Board of Elections

South Carolina: State Elections Commission

South Dakota: Secretary of State

Tennessee: Department of State Elections

Texas: Elections Division

Utah: Elections Board

Vermont: Secretary of State

Virginia: State Board of Elections

2010: Governor: Bob McDonnell

2010: Attorney General: Ken Cucinelli

Washington: Secretary of State

West Virginia: Secretary of State

Wisconsin: Government Accountability Board

Wyoming: Secretary of State

District of Columbia: Board of Elections & Ethics (Hah)


Protectorate Puerto Rico: Elections

Island of Guam: Elections Commission

American Samoa: Elections Office

US Virgin Islands: Elections